WIDE SKIES MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL will feature local artisans in a unique marketplace setting during the July 30 outdoor event. We believe in supporting local artists and want to showcase the great talent in our community!


As part of the 2019 Wide Skies Music and Arts Festival, local artists Eric Dyck and Carson Morton will again create chalk artworks on the streets around the festival site during the live music performances. Festival-goers are invited to interact and discuss with the artists, as well as take part and create their own chalk artworks alongside the artists.

The PRGM’s The DUELLING DOORS are gateways to the unknown… During Wide Skies Music & Arts Festival on July 30 and 31, The DUELLING DOORS will be placed near each other and custom animations will connect the two devices in a hot and cold/inside and outside/Winter and Summer/dark and light motif. Each time festival-goers open The DUELLING DOORS, a different, yet connected, experience awaits them.

This project is made possible by Into the Streets: Festival Arts Series, which is co-funded by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and the City of Lethbridge Public Art Small Projects Program, and guest-curated by Jane Edmundson and Tyler Stewart. 

For the 2019 Festival we will continue to showcase new and interesting art initiatives . . . . stay tuned for more details.